Please protest the “Windows 8 Campus Tour”

Microsoft is running “Windows 8 Campus Tour” events at many US universities. We’re inviting free software supporters, associated with the universities in question, to mount simple nondisruptive protests at these events.

This kind of protest is easy to do. Just print copies of and, then stand near the entrance to the event and hand them out to those who enter or pass by. If they ask you for more explanation of the issue, please explain politely. If they are disputacious, you don’t have to argue with them, and we recommend not doing so; you can say, “We appear to have a deep disagreement; see for where we stand.”

It is good to make a sign, especially a tall sign that can rest on the floor leaning against a wall, but you don’t need one. Use few words, and big bold letters, so it is readable from a distance.


Protesting is more fun if two or more people protest together, but one person can do it. If several want to participate, you could divide up the time — those two people for two hours tomorrow, those two for an hour on Monday, etc.

The dates vary from university to university (see the list below), but most of the events have already started. Many end tomorrow, but that still offers time to act. Others continue through next week or even later. Some events already ended, but we deleted them from the list below.

This is an opportunity to spread the word to people who have never heard even a hint of ethical criticism of proprietary software such as Windows.