Rails Girls Summer of Code helps Rails Girls students get into Open Source.



Just like in Google Summer of Code and Ruby Summer of Code, students
will be paid so they’re free to work on Open Source projects for a few
months. Unlike those programs, the Rails Girls Summer of Code is about
helping students to further expand their knowledge and skills by
contributing to a great Open Source project (rather than producing
highly sophisticated code).




The ideal project for the Rails Girls Summer of Code defines a goal that:

  • can be considered a valuable, significant contribution
  • is simple enough that a beginner will be able to complete it in a time frame of three months or less

A project goal can include anything that helps you: Bug fixing, implementing small features, documentation, design, etc. Anything that allows the student to both apply her experience and grow with the challenge.

Also, the goal can consist of several sub-goals or follow-up goals that can be adjusted to the progress of the student. Coming up with a good definition might be hard, taking into account that the student’s skills are not yet advanced. Don’t be discouraged by that. We will work together with you in order to figure out a definition that works well.

To start defining your goal, ask yourself:

What can be done to help a Ruby newcomer become a core contributor on your project? Also, consider this to be a learning target. Different from GSoC or RSoC the Rails Girls Summer of Code is about encouraging, motivating, helping newcomers to learn and eventually provide valuable, significant contributions.

Projects will be asked to provide a mentor, who will act as experts in the project’s domain, and provide feedback and direction. In their day-to-day work students will supported by coaches (developers based in the same city as the student, helping them to accomplish their tasks), so the workload for a mentor is limited.





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