Alok Dixit and Aseem Trivedi

Alok Dixit and Aseem Trivedi

फ्रीडम फास्ट: इंटरनेट की आज़ादी के लिए जंतर मंतर पर जारी रहेगी अनिश्चित कालीन भूख हड़ताल,
In less than a week you could loose your freedom of speech on the internet forever! Facebook, Twitter, Google, Skype and any other site could be censored by the Government.

Alok Dixit and Aseem Trivedi decided to go on a freedom fast in Delhi to protest the unconstitutional move of the Government. Yesterday their health became worse and they have been admitted to Hospital. They need your support.

We have one last opportunity — some MPs support online freedom of speech. Rajya Sabha MP, Shri P Rajeev moved a motion to scrap the web censorship rules because they violate the fundamental rights of every Indian.

We don’t have much time left to gather as much support for the MPs who support online freedom. Share this petition now, and get every Indian who wants a free internet to sign it!

The Rajya Sabha can scrap these unconstitutional rules if enough MPs vote for it. Many MPs want to support internet freedom, but they need to see more support. Thousands of signatures will help stop internet censorship.

There are just four days left to put pressure on your MPs urging them to protect the freedom to speech and expression of every Indian. If you can gather enough support, they cannot ignore the voice of the people.


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