Gujarat University launches Open Source Technologies Post Graduate Diploma course

Gujarat University launches Open Source Technologies Post Graduate Diploma course

The use of Open Source Technologies Software in America,European countries,Germany,India and also in Gujarat creates job opportunity for open source technologies students.

Gujarat University has launched Post Graduate Diploma Course on OPEN SOURCE Technologies based on LINUX.Linux Administration,Linux Networking and Linux Programming based on PYTHON and related software to Linux will be taught to the enrolled students.The students graduated from Arts,Commerce,Science or any other faculty can enroll in one year Post Graduate Diploma Course.There is no age bar for enrollment in the Post Graduate Diploma Course.
Due to the expensive software,monopoly of the software and growing virus issues /problems,European countries and
many other countries including India have migrated to OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGIS SOFTWARE.The demand of OST persons is increasing day by day in different parts of the world.There is a huge possibility that Open Source Technologies will be the future of tomorrow in the world.Gujarat University is the first university in India who has started the OST course.
The big companies in Gujarat also migrate from very expensive popular software to the free available and free from virus Open Source Technologies software.Right now so many companies in Gujarat have started using Linux platform as the operating system and the related software.Trained persons in this field get great opportunity and Gujarat,too,requires more and more trained persons.Howard University System Administrator will teach OST Software to the Gujarat University students through video conference.There is no monopoly on OST Software,and there is no copyright violation in using OST Software.


Basic knowledge of Open
Source Technologies The difference between
Proprietary software and
OST Software.The advantage of OST Softwares The detailed knowledge of Linux Desktop and Servers How to manage Linux Based Servers and Desktops.How to work with Linux Community How to become Open Source Community Developer & Support The Linux Programming based on PYTHON which is used by GOOGLE Windows to Linux Migration Training Linux based Securities & Firewall Technologies Linux Based Web Server,Mail Server,File Server,Database Server Linux Networking Open Source Telecommunication (Ip Telephony)


Alok Dixit and Aseem Trivedi

Alok Dixit and Aseem Trivedi

फ्रीडम फास्ट: इंटरनेट की आज़ादी के लिए जंतर मंतर पर जारी रहेगी अनिश्चित कालीन भूख हड़ताल,
In less than a week you could loose your freedom of speech on the internet forever! Facebook, Twitter, Google, Skype and any other site could be censored by the Government.

Alok Dixit and Aseem Trivedi decided to go on a freedom fast in Delhi to protest the unconstitutional move of the Government. Yesterday their health became worse and they have been admitted to Hospital. They need your support.

We have one last opportunity — some MPs support online freedom of speech. Rajya Sabha MP, Shri P Rajeev moved a motion to scrap the web censorship rules because they violate the fundamental rights of every Indian.

We don’t have much time left to gather as much support for the MPs who support online freedom. Share this petition now, and get every Indian who wants a free internet to sign it!

The Rajya Sabha can scrap these unconstitutional rules if enough MPs vote for it. Many MPs want to support internet freedom, but they need to see more support. Thousands of signatures will help stop internet censorship.

There are just four days left to put pressure on your MPs urging them to protect the freedom to speech and expression of every Indian. If you can gather enough support, they cannot ignore the voice of the people.