Online MSc ( CS-Foss ) Poster

Online MSc ( CS-Foss ) Poster Release by AU – KBC Research Centre , MIIT Campus of Anna University.Image

“Open Source Learning & its Promotion”

What is LeThAc?

Learn Think Act (LeThAc) – is a FOSS conclave being organized at GGS IP University,Delhi by IEEE Student Branch of University School of Information Technology on 9th & 10th March 2012 with the focus on Image. It is also to encourage the student community to be more involved in Open Source projects to provide them with an extra edge in the technical arena.

Attendees of the conclave will include Open Source enthusiasts and students from various institutions mainly from Delhi and NCR. The speakers of the conclave will include brightest people from the industry and educational institutions promoting the Open Source World in their own way! Online Registrations have started on our official website. Updated Schedule is also available on the website.