JUDCon 2012: India

JUDCon 2012: India

JUDCon is a conference “By Developers, For Developers.” Presentations at JUDCon include a range of technology deep dives into JBoss Community projects and related technical topics of user and developer interest. To be held for the first time in India, JUDCon 2012: India will be produced by Saltmarch Media, producers of the India’s gold standard for software developers – Great Indian Developer Summit.

The fifth JUDCon to date, JUDCon 2012: India will be a two-day, three-track event packed with valuable sessions, and an evening of exciting events that will run into the wee hours. The JUDCon 2012 program will feature topics which will include the JBoss AS7 app server, Business Rules, Workflow, SOA and Enterprise Application Integration and OpenShift/Cloud – in fact, some of coolest and best technology the industry has to offer.


If you’re headed to JUDCon, we’d love if you wrote an article about it. Contact us for details.


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