Indian Organization using FOSS(Free and open source software)

The IT @ School project of Kerala replaced Windows software with
FOSS on 50,000 desktops in schools across the state. Tangible
benefits amounted to Rs 490 million ($ 10.2 million1).

○ Great Market , a large e-commerce firm, adopted
FOSS for servers, MIS development, document management and for
desktops. The savings from desktops alone came to Rs 3 million ($ 63

○ Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), one of the largest insurers in India,
with an IT infrastructure of 3500 servers and 30,000 desktops, saved
about Rs 420 million ($ 8.75 million) by adopting FOSS.

○ The New India Assurance company, a general insurance firm, having
1100 offices, and an IT infrastructure of 1500 servers and 7000
desktops saved about Rs 800 million ($ 16.67 million) in tangible and
intangible costs.

○ GGG  is a medium-sized e-commerce solutions IT firm
that relies heavily on FOSS. GGG saved about Rs 3.6 millions ($ 75
thousand) by using FOSS on its desktops.

○ IT for Change is an NGO with about 30 employees. They use FOSS
extensively on all their servers and desktops and estimated tangible
savings of about Rs 0.12 million ($ 2.5 thousand) per annum (on an IT
budget of Rs 2.1 million ($ 44 thousand)).

○ IIC (affiliated with Delhi University) is an institution of higher
education that has adopted FOSS. The tangible and intangible benefits
for an infrastructure of 100 desktops and 5 servers is about Rs 1.75
million ($ 36 thousand).

○ JustDial has more than 200 servers with its mission-critical Intranet and extranet applications running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The company currently employs 3,000 in its work force and has more than 100,000 SME advertisers.Executives used to attend close to a total of 2,50,000 calls per day


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